Mohawk Takes Next Steps in Its Transformation

COHOES, NY—April 16, 2012—Following the announcement last week of plans to transform this fourth-generation, family-owned, premium paper business to thrive in today’s digital world, Mohawk Chairman & CEO Thomas D. O’Connor, Jr., said, “Today, we are making bold changes across every aspect of our business with the launch of multiple customer-facing initiatives that provide tangible evidence of the company’s vision and new experiences for customers.”

New Website
Mohawk’s new website,, designed by Hydrant and developed by Avatar, integrates e-commerce into all dimensions of Mohawk’s online activities, and offers a personalized experience for customers and trading partners.

“This is the beginning of a revolution in the way we do business and who we do business with. As we get closer to all of our customers, we are rapidly evolving the kind of experience we have with them both online and off,” said O’Connor.

Mohawk’s new technology and operations initiative, the Unified Service Delivery Platform, allows each customer to choose how and when they want to do business with Mohawk and provides them with a frictionless path to do so, fully transforming the delivery of all consumer and business applications to any place and device. is the center of Mohawk’s new, comprehensive cloud-based service-oriented architecture that enables interoperability between internal and external applications, services, and information. Mohawk now leverages the cloud as a business technology platform to quickly connect its internal capabilities with those of a network of strategic partners with the goal to provide its customers with new and innovative products and services.

“Mohawk has been widely recognized for its innovation in the use of the cloud for business integration, and this investment represents my commitment to build a company that is responsive to changes in the marketplace,” said O’Connor.

New Brand
The launch of is the customer’s first introduction to Mohawk’s vibrant new brand designed by Pentagram, Mohawk’s primary branding agency for more than two decades.