Mohawk Takes Next Steps in Its Transformation

Michael Bierut, who leads the Mohawk brand team at Pentagram said, “The logo is a monogram for the name Mohawk. It’s based on the letter M, but it’s also constructed to evoke the papermaking process and the printing process, both of which involve paper going around cylinders.”

The logo also speaks to the basic idea of connection, which is what Mohawk paper is designed for. “Whether it’s for a small book of photos featuring your niece and nephew or for a giant global corporation—it’s about communication,” Bierut said.

The logo and energetic color palette offer unlimited variation and surprise, “We wanted to project a company that is forward-looking, nimble, and ready for the future, yet doing so from a strong base, built on the kind of authority that few of Mohawk’s competitors can claim these days…it speaks to a company that has been around for a long time and is still capable of changing the way it looks,” Bierut added.

New Streamlined Product Offering
O’Connor announced last week that Mohawk would streamline its product offering and consolidate its core paper lines. In fact, the number of SKUs have been reduced by more than 50% to “eliminate redundancies that were primarily the result of previous acquisitions over the last five years,” said O’Connor. To aid current customers through the transition, Project Streamline is supported by a Web-based guide.

New Tools
With a newly simplified product line, Mohawk has begun the process of creating paradigm-shifting specification tools. Following considerable research among a new generation of print customers who have notably different needs and expectations than their studio-based predecessors, Mohawk has released The New Mohawk product selector, created by the Michael McGinn Design Office.

“This is the first wave in a holistically conceived solution that recognizes the relationship between experiencing the nuances of papers—starting with color and finish—and keeping the focus on simplicity, what the customer needs when they need it,” said McGinn.