MBC–Small Printer, Big Performance

All of the T-51 plate adjustments—vertical, horizontal and twist (skew)—are running register adjustments. Once the A.B. Dick image is positioned to the paper, the T-51 image is precisely registered with the A.B. Dick image.

Plus, the new angular adjustments are made with a simple tool provided by Townsend. Rather than make adjustments manually, the press operator can easily make them with the tool.

In addition, the T-51 is equipped with a single lever control that allows the unit to be placed into the printing position in one easy move of the control lever. The T-51 is equipped with a rotating arm that allows the entire unit to be either swung away from the press or back into its normal operating position in about one minute.

To ensure high-quality printing, the T-51 features a 14 roller ink/moisture system. The system features different diameter form rollers and oscillators that control ink recovery and coverage. The T-51 moisture system is supplied with a molleton system or Townsend Aqua-Flow system. The Aqua-Flow system is a segregated dampening unit that allows the form, oscillator, transfer and ductor rolls to carry both ink and water. This provides a three form roll system. Two forms carry only ink, while one carries both ink and water.

“I’ve had unbelievable results with the new AE T-51,” says Stromme. “There’s no plate stretch and good registration.”

Recently, MBC produced a price sheet for a cataloger. The job required a two-over-two hairline registration for 51,000 11×17˝ sheets. “There was tight registration all over the job,” recalls Stromme. “Once we got it locked in on-press, we let the job run itself. We ran both presses full-time for this job to get it produced in three days.”

In addition to the new T-51, MBC operates a UMAX flatbed scanner, Power Mac G3, two Baum folders, 30˝ cutter and an Itek camera.

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