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On the whole, the topics of computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) and JDF (Job Definition Format) were met with surprisingly muted responses. Silence largely replaced the skepticism and sometimes outright hostility expressed by many printers who attended the 2004 conference.

Mike Vinocur, the event’s long-time manager, observes, “There clearly was a lot of discussion on management, sales and market positioning of print businesses, as printers seek to evolve and grow by taking advantage of some of the new opportunities available to them. Attendees seemed to be more focused on how they could use the tools and technology to advance their position in the market, increase market share, offer the sales staff greater opportunity and align internal processes, rather than concentrating on the technology itself.”

Orlando is slated to again host the Vue/Point Conference in 2006. (

Road Show Maps Out Proofing Options

HANOVER PARK, IL—Enovation, a Fujifilm company, recently kicked off a “Power Proofing” national road show at its Midwest demo center. The program includes an overview presentation and live demonstrations of recommended equipment.

Among the featured proofing solutions are Fujifilm’s FinalProof GxT digital halftone and PictroProof contone proofers, along with an ICS Remote Director monitor-based proofing system and an Epson 4000 ink-jet proofer driven by the GMG ColorProof RIP. During the inaugural presentation, special note was made of the Epson/GMG combination’s ability to simulate spot colors and GMG’s use of “device link”—rather than standard ICC—profiles for color matching.

The company is also touting installation of a dedicated wide-format ink-jet printer (not proofer) as a growth opportunity for commercial printers. To that end, it is showing a Mutoh Falcon II wide-format printer driven by an Onyx RIP in operation as part of the road show. The unit features a Captivair air filtration and humidity control system from PAT Technology Systems to improve the operating environment.

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