Corporate Press–Printer Plays All Positions

Managing a business as geographically and operationally diverse as Corporate Press, an ESOP company, is not a simple matter. Every employee has an interest not only in which business elements are profitable, but in how well each location is performing. It is important to be able to compare prepress operations at different sites, yet let an operations manager at one plant quickly check inventory at another.

In response to these management needs, Corporate Press became one of the first multi-plant installations for Programmed Solutions, a Norwalk, CT-based supplier of business management computer systems to the printing industry.

The selection of a complete printing business management system for Corporate Press involved several key factors. Although a computer system was in place, it was not used throughout the company. So a new system meant that some departments and employees had to relearn, while others began using computers only after the new system was installed.

The Programmed Solutions system was selected over others investigated for several reasons. First, the system operates on standard IBM compatible personal computers, under Microsoft Windows, the operating system already used by many employees in their personal computers at home. It is based on Visual FoxPro, an established database program, and financial data are fed directly into the closely allied Macola accounting system software.

The system also enabled several diverse areas of the company to move easily onto the new system. For example, the sales department—which did not have terminals on the prior system—wanted to be able to use its ACT! and Lotus Notes programs on the new system immediately.

Another factor leading to the Corporate Press selection was the users group that advises Programmed Solutions regarding enhancements. The company supports a number of users groups around the country, which meet throughout the year on a regional basis, and then annually as a nationwide group.

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