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Consider Taking Tips to Heart --DeWese

March 2004
In my December 2003 column, I offered to send you readers "400 Sales Tips for Printing Sales Professionals." I concocted this offer at 3 a.m. on the morning of Attila the Editor's stupid deadline whilst I was stoned on a caffeine high. Coffee is about all I have left now that I'm on this stupid South Beach diet and working out with a personal trainer. So far, my 61-year-old biceps are up to 18˝, I'm begging my neighbors to let me redecorate their homes and I can bench press about twice my IQ.

The 400 tips idea was a gratuitous, self-serving act. I assumed most of my readers would be amazed at my generosity, but would be either too lazy or too self-satisfied to ever actually request the tips.

I never dreamed that several hundred readers would immediately e-mail me and ask for these non-existent tips.

Well, now they exist and I've sent them to everyone who wrote to me. I missed Christmas, New Year's and the Super Bowl typing up these damn things. I had to wade through old cocktail napkins, scraps of paper, the backs of envelopes and a pile of matchbook covers, and the document turned out to be enormous (116 pages and 30,569 words).

More, For Free

I lost track of the tip count, which turned out to be 419 tips. So everybody got more than they bargained for. Which, incidentally, cost them nothing, nada, no dinero, $0.00.

It seems that my coffee-induced act of deadline desperation has turned out to be a hit, at least in the world of printing salespeople.

Now, if anyone else wants the tips, it will cost you a check for $40 payable to either Tomorrows Children's Fund (cancer research for children) or The Spear Youth and Family Center (a full-functioning YMCA for underprivileged kids and their parents).

That's right—make your $40 tax deductible check payable (or two checks for $20 to each charity) to either of these charities. Mail it to me along with your e-mail address at: Compass Capital Partners, 259 Radnor-Chester Rd., Radnor, PA, 19380 and we will e-mail the 419 tips to you.

That is less than one dime per sales tip, any one of which may just be the one that puts you on the road to fame, glory, enormous wealth and a guest shot on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Both of these worthy efforts benefit children, and men who are printers founded these charitable organizations. Incidentally, both men are also superb print salespeople.


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