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“Had we brought a new, internally developed solution to market, it would have resulted in the same situation, with some users going on maintenance only, and some wanting more functionality who might migrate to other suppliers or other EFI offerings.” Gecht continues.

“The proof will now be in how well we execute, keeping PSI and Logic at a high quality level. Clearly, some customers will look at other options, but how is that different from convincing them on an ongoing basis to stay with EFI?”

If you haven’t yet taken my advice, and that of most–if not all–of my consulting colleagues, now is definitely the time to look at print MIS. My guess is that the market will be quite active as things settle out. Graph Expo 2008 is a good place to see it all.

From Las Vegas to NYC

Next up was the TransPromo Summit in New York City. While Manhattan can be as crazy as Las Vegas, it is more my kind of crazy.

This was the second annual TransPromo Summit put on by research firm InfoTrends, which had just completed a major, multi-client study on the subject. TransPromo, which uses digital color printing to print promotional and educational messages on the face of transactional documents, such as statements and notices, is generating a lot of industry buzz.

It can be argued that billers and issuers of other transaction documents have been doing TransPromo for decades, in the form of inserts and those perfed return envelope extensions that you have to tear off before sealing the envelope and mailing your check–presumably at least glancing at them before throwing them away.

TransPromo provides a new marketing platform that allows marketers to do even more targeting of messages than they could do with inserts. Companies are also looking at this platform as a great way to enhance the customer experience, bring more unity to customer communications, and educate customers about important things such as how to leverage the company Website for more information and services, as well as selling additional products from the company and/or its partners. Not only can this generate incremental revenue, but it can result in savings due to reduction in the volume and duration of calls to call centers, among other things.

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