Capital Investment in a Recovering Economy

• Four-or-more-color lithographic presses will be a priority over the next three years or were a priority over the last three years for one-third of our research group and for nearly half with sales above $20 million. Of course lithography’s share of our industry’s revenue has been declining for a decade. And no turn around in the economy—no matter how robust—is going to change that. But lithography is still a $40-$50 billion market.Who’ll get the lion’s share of that work? The most efficient, the most productive, and the most adept not at printing but at putting print to work for their clients. Everyone else will have to fight it out for what’s left.

• There are many ways manufacturers and suppliers of graphic arts technology can help their clients make better capital investment decisions. The four our study group mentioned most: know our business, connect us with peers who can give us the whole story about the investments we’re considering, show us the ROI, and educate and support us—before, during, and after the investment.

Our research is just beginning. Capital Investment Study participants made it clear that there’s a lot more they want to talk to us about. As always, we’re ready to listen. Our goal: Better understand how they make capital investment decisions so we can help them make better decisions. After all, better investment decisions will lead to a stronger, more sustainable industry. And that’s something from which we will all benefit.

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