According to Peter Tu, vice president of marketing for Duplo USA, customers are seeking features such as versatility, quick changeover, modular design, high quality and productivity—all at a reasonable cost. Thus, he notes, choosing the best machinery to achieve maximum versatility and productivity is critical in the high-demand, short-run environment.

“Printers prefer bindery equipment that is easy to use with quick setup and changeover,” Tu remarks. “Equipment that is geared for short-run work and that is easy to use will subsequently lower labor costs for on-demand products.”

Duplo offers the DBM-400 and DBM-120 systems. The DBM-400 booklet maker is the automatic stitcher/folder online to the System 4000 vertical collating towers. Setup and changeover are done automatically, without the need for manual adjustments, reducing the need for highly skilled operators and saving equipment training time.

The small commercial end user is looking for a sturdily constructed binder with with quick makeready enhancements, notes Steven Calov, product manager for Heidelberg USA. To that end, Heidelberg has produced the Quickbinder 200 for the entry-level, standalone market with a speed of 1,500 cycles per hour. The QB200 boasts automated glue length, air table transport for the cover feeder, thermostat control of the glue pot and side gluing for a quality hinged book.

“In-house perfect binding increases the value-added, saves time, reduces costs and eliminates the intermediate transfer of the job to an outside source,” Calov states. “Deadlines can be met independent from other suppliers.”

In terms of value-added features, Calov notes that the enhancement of the PLC glue length control unit enables the scraper to regulate the glue cutoff on each end of the spine. The QB200 is also supplied with a top loading and bottom feeding cover feeder.

Vivian Sassi, vice president of American Binding, sees a trend toward more economical, semi-automatic machines, along with a tendency toward integration for fully automatic units. She feels customers are interested in customizing the desired equipment to be fully integrated and working in-line.

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