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I am wearing the t-shirt designed and produced for the 2018 SGIA Expo taking place in Las Vegas this week!

If you want to get your hands on this beautiful shirt, they will be available at the SGIA Expo for $5 and proceeds will go to the Nevada SPCA.

The shirt was created by custom garment producer Graphic Elephants. Lon Winters, founder and managing director of Graphic Elephants explained some of the process for creating this shirt:

We went with 85 lpi at 22.5 degrees for maximum detail. Final print almost looks like a continuous tone. Output using Computer to Screen and resolving all the way down to 1% on superior duel cure emulsion on screen for super smooth transitions. Screens were 205 to 380 tpi stretched a 40+ N/cm² and minimal off contact and squeegee pressure were used.

This design utilized two separate white printer or base plates. A soft detailed and a hard base to really dial in the fine transitions and opacity with nice contrasts all at the same time.

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