Wayne Angstrom

Printing Impressions' Upfront commercial printing industry news for August 2008.

HOLLYWOOD, FL—Angstrom Graphics, the former St Ives U.S. division, has started up a second new Komori System 38S web offset press in its facility here. According to Wayne Angstrom, chairman and CEO of Angstrom Graphics, the installation and startup process has "exceeded expectations by hitting all performance metrics within a four-week startup window." Two additional web presses are planned within the next year to complete the web platform modernizing effort in both Florida and at Angstrom Graphics Midwest in Cleveland.

IT’S HARD not to automatically view everything through the frame of the current economic climate. In most cases, however, the business challenges companies are struggling with were preexisting conditions that have now been greatly amplified. The trend toward print buyers, at every level, cutting back their order quantities is a case in point.

EFI, a provider of customer-focused digital printing innovation, today announced that its Advanced Professional Print Software (APPS) business unit delivered growth for the fifth year in a row with $61.6 million in full-year revenue and 20 percent year-over-year growth in MIS in Q4. The fourth quarter of 2008 was the strongest quarter ever for MIS sales, and the third and fourth quarters were the best two quarters in a row for MIS in the company’s history. EFI’s APPS business unit comprises the company’s industry-leading MIS, web-to-print, and inkjet proofing and production workflow solutions.

Wayne Angstrom, chairman and CEO of St Ives U.S., spearheaded the management-led buyout of the division from St Ives plc of London. The deal is valued at $39 million, including $34 million in cash. The consideration included a $5 million secured promissory note.

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