Robert G. Burton

Cenveo Inc. has started buying back its 7.875-percent notes before they mature in 2013 as part of its mission to deleverage the printing and packaging company, which may be headed toward a sale. During Cenveo’s Aug. 9 second-quarter earnings call, the company’s chairman and CEO, Robert G. Burton Sr., addressed the potential sale of the company. “We’ll decide if we’re going to sell the company, and by the way, we’ve had people knocking on the door for the last several years,” he told listeners.

Documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission show that the company has gradually retired its 7.875-percent

Robert G. Burton, Sr., Chairman and CEO of Cenveo, stated the parties "...were requiring significantly more in cash and guarantees from Cenveo than from the other bidders...Under those circumstances, Cenveo had no interest in acquiring these assets."

Glyph is a leading provider of content solutions to publishers, with more than 550 employees and strong market presence in the U.S. and the U.K.

Its net sales were $456.8 million for the quarter ended January 2, 2010, as compared to $517.2 million, with a net loss of $9.4 million, as compared to a net loss of $309.7 million, for the three months ended January 3, 2009.

BAILOUTS OF financial institutions and pleas for assistance from domestic auto manufacturers have put top executive performance and compensation into the headlines. The excesses that fueled public outrage won’t be found among the earnings of principal officers at the largest publicly held printing companies included in Printing Impressions’ 19th annual executive compensation report.

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