Ralph Johnson

IF THIS magazine chose to hand out an award for the biggest newsmaker of the year, the 2008 honor would go to Quebecor World (QW), hands down. One might contend that the attention, while merited, is not the type of exposure a company would want: Financing issues, trying to sell an unprofitable venture and muddling through with bankruptcy in two countries. But Quebecor World is a printer for our economic times, the No. 2 in North America at a time when market leaders (Circuit City, AIG, Lehman Bros.) have come crashing down.

WE’RE ALL human beings—displaying courage, steadfastness and humility at times during our lives; but also succumbing to selfishness, lethargy and a lack of empathy for others. Knowing the right thing to do doesn’t always mean we’ll do the right thing. However, there are those among us, although still human, who seem to rise above any shortcomings they may have and lead by setting a positive example. Such surely seems to be the case with this year’s class of Printing Impressions/RIT Printing Industry Hall of Fame inductees.

WASHINGTON, DC—January 28, 2008—Membership in the organization that is promoting the marketing and promotional power of print continues to grow. Jet, Inc. and Lake County Press have joined The Print Council as full members. Jeff Norby, Jet’s President, will also serve on the Marketing Steering Committee to the Print Council’s Board. “Jet joined the Council because we are quite aware and concerned that print has become somewhat marginalized or commoditized in the eyes of both clients and suppliers,” he says. The Print Council is working to turn that perception around. “We believe in the value of print as a very important component in a

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