Peter Redding

DAYTON, OH—Standard Register (SR), the $1.4 billion electronic and paper document management company based here, has seen a number of major changes to its operation in recent weeks, and heads into the second half of 2000 a significantly different company. Topping the list of changes is a change at the top: Chief executive Peter Redding departs this month. Redding, 62, is retiring. Taking the helm is Dennis L. Rediker, 56, former CEO of English China Clays plc and a Standard Register board member for five years. "Dennis is a visionary leader with superior team-building skills," explains Paul H. Granzow, SR's chairman. "He has

Barrington, Il—Dayton, OH-based Standard Register has agreed to purchase Uarco, a subsidiary of the Settsu Corporation of Japan based here, for $245 million. The acquisition will create one of the nation's largest document management and production companies. The combined annualized sales have been projected to hit nearly $1.4 billion. "The acquisition of Uarco is an integral part of our plan to become the recognized leader in the document management industry," reveals Standard Register President and CEO Peter Redding. The acquisition will be financed through cash and bank financing, says Redding. He adds that Standard Register has debt to total capitalization of about 35

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