Neil Falconer

The NPES 2009 Industry Summit, March 23-25, in Washington, DC, which brings together the PRIMIR Spring Meeting and PRINT OUTLOOK, will feature an industry technology forecast through 2018. Slated for Tuesday, March 24, the “Post-drupa Technology Forecast for Print to 2018” presentation will review findings from a recent Pira International report that delves into the implications of technology changes in the printing industry over the next 10 years.

RESTON, VA—PRIMIR is about to release a new major research study entitled “Sustainable Print in a Dynamic Global Market:  What Going Green Means.”   Given the global dynamics at play, PRIMIR contracted with Pira International (UK) to complete this extensive research endeavor that defines sustainability and identifies the regulatory, economic, social and environmental drivers impacting the developed nations print supply chain players.

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