Mike Graff

Mike Graff, president and CEO of Clifton, NJ-based Sandy Alexander, has seen his share of crisis situations during his 33 years in the printing industry, not to mention 27 years as a volunteer fireman. Despite some harrowing moments, Graff has managed to keep his cool and survive both disciplines.

CLIFTON, NJ—Unable to reach an accord with its union membership here, metro New York printer Sandy Alexander has locked out those lithographic employees. The lockout of Amalgamated Lithographers of America (ALA) Local One-L reached the start of its fourth week on Friday. The union had been working without a contract since the previous pact expired June 30.

Printing Impressions Digital Printing and Workflow News for June 2009

eSA Solutions, the digital technology subsidiary of Sandy Alexander Inc., has installed two advanced seven-color HP Indigo 7000 presses in a new high-tech facility in Clifton, NJ. Mike Graff, Sandy Alexander’s President, made the announcement today. “We have seen record growth in our digital business, despite the difficult business environment, and we are responding to our clients’ demands for new end-to-end products and services by making a significant investment to expand our offerings and strengthen our capabilities.”

The worst terrorist attacks on U.S. soil in our country's history left more than 6,500 people missing and presumed dead, reduced a pair of 110-story skyscraper buildings to an unimaginable pile of twisted metal and human debris, and left many Americans feeling more vulnerable than they had ever thought possible. The multi-pronged terrorist attack of September 11 was unfathomable: four airliner hijackings, two of which resulted in collisions with the World Trade Center towers in New York City and a third that left a large cavity in the Pentagon in Washington, DC. Fortunately, it appears passengers thwarted a fourth kamikaze mission aimed at

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