Mike Chiricuzio

DICE, the Digital Imaging Customer Exchange, announced today that Blue Moon Solutions, Inc. has accepted the role of Management Company for DICE. Mike Vinocur, who has been the Executive Director of DICE (formerly ICE, the Indigo Customer Exchange) since its inception in the mid 1990’s, has now dedicated all of his efforts to his other business ventures.

BY ERIK CAGLE Of all the businesses that are vulnerable to a nocturnal attack by would-be robbers, a commercial printing company seems among the least likely to be targeted. That didn't stop a gang of thieves from conning their way into One Source Digital Solutions and making off with approximately $250,000 in prepress equipment and damaging a press to the tune of $500,000 while trying to steal it. In the process, the robbers bound and gagged the only employee who was on duty, only after asking him specific questions pertaining to the equipment and stealing his pickup truck to aid in the equipment

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