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As a printer, you know partnership between marketer and printer is a powerful opportunity to reduce the environmental impact of direct marketing.

Join Printing Impressions and sister publication Target Marketing as we settle in for an hour to help marketing professionals understand intersection between (and case for) profitable print marketing and environmental responsibility.

As printers, you can also benefit as we discuss initiatives to make print jobs as environmentally responsible as possible, including:

* More efficient print designs
* Printing processes with minimum environmental impact
* The most sustainable paper, ink and binding materials
* Ways to keep your mailing environmentally efficient
* Strategies to streamline workflow and production processes to minimize your impact on the environment

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THE DOWNFALL of the economy in 2008 has left the printing industry rattled and searching for ways to protect our companies, and even our own jobs. Print buyers have always had to focus on creating value and demonstrating return on investment—and this has only become more important in this shaky economic climate.

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