Remember when Macs started shipping with nine-gig drives? Although that seemed like a lot of storage space at the time, it sure didn't take long before it was filled to the brim. Today, most printers and prepress shops now use client-server configurations with RAIDS attached to servers to store clients' files, along with a variety of tape and other backup/archival systems. Yet, no matter how big the drive, one thing seems constant: You can never have too much storage capacity. And although drives continue to get cheaper, managing data storage is one of those headaches that never seems to go away. Until now, maybe. The latest

Desktop publishing is nearly 14 years old. Since day one, there's been a bitter rivalry between the Apple Macintosh operating system (OS) and Microsoft's DOS. The rivalry continued when Microsoft advanced from DOS to Windows. For much of that time, users were forced to choose sides. Either you were a Macintosh maniac, and thought that PCs were for blockhead MIS types, or you had a PC preference, and thought Macs were just toys for kids. A little-discussed development of the last few years has been the change from an either/or world to a mixed-platform world. It's becoming increasingly common to find designers and publishers

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