Larry Corwin

Launching new products or offering an expanded range of services is a great way to energize your customer base and attract new business. This is exactly what Rollem International is seeing from digital printers who are looking for an edge in today’s competitive markets. Many printers who have found substantial niche markets are finding new and necessary product offerings.

CHICAGO—November 10, 2008—Rollem International and Hewlett-Packard demonstrated automation in digital print finishing with the premier showing of the new HP UV coater running in-line with the Rollem Jetstream.  The new Indigo 7000 printed colorful 13x19” press sheets containing 8 recipe cards which were coated and fed directly into the Jetstream for in-line cutting, edge trimming and two-directional slitting, followed by a new Auto-Collation unit gathering the cards into finished sets.

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