Kent Martin

Honor Societies Merge, Induct New Members The Ash Khan Society of PIA and the Society of Fellows of GATF have merged to form The Ben Franklin Society of PIA/GATF. The officers for the new Ben Franklin Society are Robert Murphy, chairman; Kent Martin, vice chairman; William Evans, secretary; and Ted Ringman, treasurer. The Ash Khan Society and the Society of Fellows have inducted 15 new members including: Robert Brown, CEO, Goss International; Wendell Burns, president and CEO, Jones Printing; John Green, president, Automated Graphic Systems; David Langhans; Herbert Hall Provence III, former president of Provence Printing; Charles Vaughan, president, Vaughan Printing; Alfred McCulloch, retired

It's always good to see my old friend Kent Martin—after all, we go back about 30 years. I ran into him at the Graphics of the Americas show which, by the way, is most definitely far more than a regional event and is well worth a trip. Not just because it's in Miami Beach at the beginning of February, but because it is well done and really has something to offer. Anyway, Kent and I went into our usual reminisce routine about print days past. And, of course, it always turns to the early '80s when he was president of Miller (does anyone out

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