After 44 years of sweeping changes to the print industry, Sterlyn, Joe and John Stevens of Stevens Brothers Printing in Park Hills, MO, have merged with The Printing Co., which has offices in Farmington, Cape Girardeau and Perryville in Missouri.

The Stevens Brothers Printing have worked tirelessly to find a compatible company with the same goals and commitment their clients have come to expect.

On August 1 operations for Stevens Brothers Printing will move from Park Hills' oldest business on Main Street to St. Francois County Seat in Farmington. The Stevens brothers will continue to assist The Printing Co. staff through

PARAMUS, NJ—JULY 20, 2007—The Soderstrom Society of NAPL (, trade association for excellence in graphic communications management, has named Joseph A. Becker, CPA, recipient of the 47th annual Walter E. Soderstrom Award. One of the graphic communications industry’s most prestigious honors, the award will be presented to Becker at the annual dinner meeting of NAPL’s Walter E. Soderstrom Society, at the Art Institute of Chicago, on Saturday, Sept. 8, 2007, the eve of GRAPH EXPO®. This year, the Soderstrom Society Dinner will also mark the beginning of a year-long celebration of NAPL’s 75th Anniversary (see related July 20, 2007, NAPL press release.) In

It was a few days before Christmas in 1998. A light snow was swirling in the 30 mph winds blowing off of Lake Michigan. The winter wind in Chicago seems to gain strength as it whips through the buildings and down Michigan Avenue. It was about 2:30 p.m. and a stocky businessman on the wrong side of 50 entered the hotel bar. His flight home was scheduled for 6:55 p.m. and he wanted to relax before leaving for O'Hare Airport. He was tired and chose a stool near the end of the bar. He was carrying an expensive overnight bag and a matching attaché

April can mean only one thing...spring is here. And the fancy of young men everywhere is captivated. It's a giddy excitement expressed as a certain fragrance, a knowing glance, obvious body signals and curves that leave your jaws hanging open. You wonder if you could make it to first base, given the opportunity. After all, you have all the right moves down; you know what the other person is thinking. You're good with your hands and quick on your feet. You've played this game before and know a thing or two about how it's done. There's no way you can lose. Love

About 10 years ago, when my waist was 10 inches smaller and all my parts were alive and well, I wrote a column about the contributions that the so-called "little people" make to the success of their printing company employers. In 1988, my wit was still quick and I opened the column by rewriting the lyrics of the great old standard, "Little Things Mean a Lot." My version began like this: "Blow me a kiss from across the room. Say I look nice when I'm not. Give me smile if I've waited a while. Little things mean a lot…" My revisions butchered the great lyrics of the composers, Edith Lindeman

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