Jeff Sierra

As operations look to optimize and automate their business and production processes as well as launch new marketing services, the topic of "integration" is something that is bound to come up. With so many different software tools, systems, repositories, and technologies that often exist within print businesses, defining what exactly integration entails can be challenging.

This webinar will explore how companies have affordably achieved the goals of optimization and automation as well as the ability to offer new marketing services. These firms will discuss how they:

-The importance of a streamlined workflow to deliver complex marketing solutions
-The technical systems integration challenge their business faced
-How they leveraged the right internal and external resources to provide effective integration
-The benefits to their business and customers of effectively integrating software systems and tools

Sponsored by Tecra Systems

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ROCHESTER, NY—PODi, the Digital Printing Initiative, has released its lineup of speakers for the 2010 AppForum, to be held January 25-27 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Attendees will get first-hand insights into how innovative print and marketing service provider companies have transitioned their businesses for growth with creative business strategies, profitable new digital applications and improved technology and management practices.

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