Jackie Bland

PRIMIR, the Print Industries Market Information and Research Organization, recently announced the lineup for their summer meeting in North Carolina. Slated for July 20-22 at the Asheville Renaissance Hotel in Asheville, NC, the summer meeting will feature the results from two PRIMIR research studies. Findings of the research into “Global Trends in Packaging Affecting North American Converter and Supplier Markets” will be presented from State Street Consultants and Karstedt Associates.

A recent PRIMIR study entitled “Mega Printers' Impact on the North American Print Market” is now available. Merger and acquisition activity among printers in the graphic communications industry has resulted in a new breed of printer – the "mega printer.” These “mega printers” appear to do business differently than their smaller brethren on many different levels.

RESTON, VA—PRIMIR is about to release a new major research study entitled “Sustainable Print in a Dynamic Global Market:  What Going Green Means.”   Given the global dynamics at play, PRIMIR contracted with Pira International (UK) to complete this extensive research endeavor that defines sustainability and identifies the regulatory, economic, social and environmental drivers impacting the developed nations print supply chain players.

A new PRIMIR study entitled “Trends and Future of Financial and Transactional Printing through 2012” was released in the spring of 2008. The study focused on commercial printers as well as in-house data centers and print-for-pay data service bureaus. A principle objective was to develop a comprehensive analysis of the digital printing (including inkjet) market opportunity for this application and identify drivers and threats to printed output in 2006 while at the same time forecasting trends and opportunities through 2012.

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