Dick Gorelick

PHILADELPHIA—Green has quickly become the earth-friendly color of choice for buyers of printing and, hence, their print suppliers. Subsequently, the emphasis on environmental sustainability provided a timely “Greener Than We Think” theme for the 37th annual Neographics Power of Print awards exhibition, ceremony and dinner held here May 1. Hosted by the Graphic Arts Association (GAA), 400 attendees crowded the Crystal Tea Room in the Wanamaker Building to pay tribute to all of the Franklin Award, Best of Category and Power of Print winners, as well as the 2008 individual honorees. Chosen from nearly 400 entries, Pomco Graphic Arts, Philadelphia, took home the 2008

Sometimes this industry amazes me with its fast-forward technologies and new ways of doing businesses, and then sometimes. . .not so much. Some things have stayed the same for ages and you’ve got to wonder. . .why? One example is print buyers’ bid sheets. Most buying companies are working off the same bid sheet that they did 10 or 20 years ago.

It’s true that we still need to communicate all the regular specs, such as how many pieces get printed, the type of paper and ink colors. But where’s the finesse? Today we have plenty of advanced capabilities for snazzy technologies like color management

Everything I know that is really worth knowing, I learned from someone else. That's it! I'm out. I'm outin' myself. You thought I was a great thinker and now you find out that I'm just a great listener. Oh, I suppose I had a few original thoughts in the old days—after a few fingers of Jack Daniels. The really great thinking, however, always came from someone else. It coulda been from Peter Drucker on marketing or management. It mighta been from Socrates or Plato on human behavior. Sometimes it was the shoeshine guy at the airport on the subjects of politics or the economy. Plentitimes

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