Dianne Kennedy

ALEXANDRIA, VA—March, 20, 2008—IDEAlliance today announced that its GRACoL Committee is launching a new activity to assist printers in qualifying their presses for G7 Calibration. The new G7 press pre-qualification toolkit will provide guidelines and tools to help printers access the readiness of their press to undergo G7 calibration. Background After nearly two years of on-press G7-calibration experience on over 200 presses worldwide, the GRACoL Committee has learned some critical lessons. The first lesson was that G7 alone is not enough. Good printing techniques must be practiced on a daily basis if the true benefit of G7 is to be

STANDARDS ARE not the sexist topic. The need for exactness can make even their names a tough read. Take, for example, ISO 12647-2, the standard for “Graphic technology - Process control for the production of halftone color separations, proof and production prints - Part 2: Offset lithographic processes.” That is instantly memorable. The payoff from implementing common languages and practices is a more efficient and consistent printing process. Efforts to that end continue on a number of fronts, but two have been particularly active of late. Users of print that operate on a global basis want their materials to have a consistent appearance regardless

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