Christopher Wells

Business will continue as usual for LVI’s clients at their Worcester, MA, facility while future plans for the combined entity are developed.

THE FIRST decade in the 21st century has become known for its lists of Top 10s, 50s, 100s—you name it. We have assembled 20 of the printing industry’s finest young executives for your consideration.

BY MARK SMITH Two truisms seem to come up in most discussions of computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) in the printing industry. One, print is a custom manufacturing process. Two, it may be the only manufacturing environment in which the customer provides—or at least controls—so much of the raw materials. Striving to build a Smart Factory and implementing CIM-based production are worthwhile goals, but the full benefits only come when the definition of workflow is extended beyond the walls of a printing plant. Connecting to customers' upstream processes is required to achieve true integration. That's a tall order. The range of print customers and applications

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