Chip Stine

THE ECONOMY is acting as a clog in the plumbing of printing industry M&A. The system is feeling more and more pressure from companies prolonging their desire to sell a business that perhaps needs an infusion of new blood or new equipment. Then there is the buyer...his hands locked by tight credit markets or unrealistic seller expectations.

NEW CANAAN, CT—Jonathan Fogel, a former senior vice president at Sandy Alexander of Clifton, NJ, has joined MSP LLC as a partner. He is reunited with longtime Sandy Alexander execs Roy Grossman and Chip Stine, the founders of MSP.

IF THIS magazine chose to hand out an award for the biggest newsmaker of the year, the 2008 honor would go to Quebecor World (QW), hands down. One might contend that the attention, while merited, is not the type of exposure a company would want: Financing issues, trying to sell an unprofitable venture and muddling through with bankruptcy in two countries. But Quebecor World is a printer for our economic times, the No. 2 in North America at a time when market leaders (Circuit City, AIG, Lehman Bros.) have come crashing down.

NEW CANAAN, CT—Just when you thought it wasn’t safe to come out in the printing investment world, along comes a pair of industry veterans with a bankroll and a plan.

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