Charles Pesko

NEW YORK CITY—What seemed to strike attendees most at the recent On Demand 2002 conference and exposition was the high volume of traffic in the aisles of the show floor, especially compared to last-year's event. However, it was also readily apparent to all that the square footage of show-floor space was down from the 2001 event. Since final registration numbers were yet to be determined, people were left to speculate about whether attendance really was up or if the crowded conditions were just the result of showgoers being squeezed into a smaller space. The event was kicked off with a keynote presentation by Charles Pesko,

BY ALLAN MARTIN KEMLER NEW YORK—Last year at the On Demand Digital Printing & Publishing conference, the unofficial theme of the show was dotcom fever. Now that the fever has broken, the big bang buzz is all about paperless communication. But this isn't your father's "paperless office of the future," mind you. This is different. In the past, when the term "paperless office" was first being bandied about like a baby at a bridal shower, the term reflected the hazy euphoria associated with early computing. This time around, having had the benefit of a few more years of experience to refine its point of view,

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