Brett Favre

POETS HAVE long waxed lyrical about spring and its signifying of renewal in life, with birds joyfully singing amid blooming flowers on warm, sunny days, and pixies dropping magic dust everywhere. Well, it says here that a strong case can be made for the fall season. The days increasingly become intoxicatingly cool. Leaves change colors, turning the countryside into an artist’s canvas. And Green Bay football fans are reminded of the loss of Brett Favre to the New York Jets. Add one reason to recognize fall as “the season”—Graph Expo. You need to get away from the plant for a few days. It’s

MILWAUKEE—The retirement of Brett Favre on Tuesday has had a profound impact on not only Green Bay Packers football fans, but many people throughout Wisconsin and beyond. Brew City Apparel is printing a commemorative shirt that says “Green Bay 4 Ever.” The quarterback wore No. 4 throughout his storied career with the Packers. In response to overwhelming demand for its previous day’s special section commemorating Favre’s retirement, the Wausau Daily Herald went back to press and churned out 10,000 additional copies of the section. It includes Favre’s records, a timeline of his career, recaps of milestone games and dozens of photos of the future

It's Super Bowl Sunday, the game is on the tiny TV here in my office, Brett Favre has just thrown a touchdown pass to Antonio Freeman—and here I sit writing this column. Boy, am I a loser. Seems like I should have been invited to at least one Super Bowl party. I think someone should have asked me over to see the game on a big-screen TV. Wow, Terrell Davis just ran one in to tie the score. I think I'll try to finish this column before the game ends. I'll watch the game with my left eye and write with my right

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