Andy Cook

There is a new era dawning at Sun Inc. as it works to bring online a completely new facility in Columbia, SC. “It’s going to incorporate a totally integrated production system from front to back,” Cook says with pride. “We are going to be one of the few shops in the country that has gone to this extent, if there are any others that can match us.”

HEMEL HEMPSTEAD, UK—August 22, 2007—FFEI launches RealVue 3D, the world’s first 3D visual simulation software for print media, created to streamline the communication and approval process involving printers and their clients. With simple operation, RealVue 3D gives printers, creatives and marketers an innovative way to design, present and approve jobs via a unique 3D document viewer. The product’s first official unveiling will take place at Graph Expo 2007, Chicago, USA. The output of the system is a platform independent Java file that allows any computer user to display the print document, turn the pages, rotate the viewing angle and zoom into detail. In addition,

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