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Year in Review -- QW Grabs the Headlines
December 1, 2008

IF THIS magazine chose to hand out an award for the biggest newsmaker of the year, the 2008 honor would go to Quebecor World (QW), hands down. One might contend that the attention, while merited, is not the type of exposure a company would want: Financing issues, trying to sell an unprofitable venture and muddling through with bankruptcy in two countries. But Quebecor World is a printer for our economic times, the No. 2 in North America at a time when market leaders (Circuit City, AIG, Lehman Bros.) have come crashing down.

Old Sunny Industries May Close Again
July 25, 2008

MAZOMANIE, WI—Just 16 months after it was rescued from receivership, the former Sunny Industries is slated to close its doors once again. The 350,000-square-foot facility—now called Synergy Web Graphics following its acquisition by Synergy Graphics of Plymouth, MN—will shutter on September 19, the Wisconsin State Journal reported. The move will leave 125 workers without jobs.The…

Former Sunny Workers Win $800K in Backpay
July 23, 2007

MADISON, WI—When a printing company closes its doors without giving proper notice, the result is usually a final financial kick in the pants courtesy of the law. Sunny Industries of Mazomanie, WI, abruptly closed last December, leaving about 400 employees without jobs only weeks before Christmas. It also shuttered without providing the 60 days notice that is required by law. Last Tuesday, the Wisconsin Department of Justice struck a blow for the employees, awarding them $800,000 in back wages, health benefits and notice wages, the Associated Press reported. The company’s assets have since been acquired by Synergy Web Graphics, which reopened the plant and rehired

Synergy Graphics Bails Out Sunny
February 9, 2007

PLYMOUTH, MN—Synergy Graphics played the role of white knight when it acquired the assets of Mazomanie, WI-based Sunny Industries from receivership. Sunny, which closed its doors December 22, will be renamed Synergy Web Graphics when the transaction closes February 10.According to Michael O’Meara, co-owner of Synergy Graphics, the company hopes to rehire many of the…

September 1, 2004

Greg Wayne, director of manufacturing for California Offset Printers (COP) in Glendale, CA, was the winning finalist in the third annual GATF/SGI Web Press Skills Competition. Sponsored by the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation, Sinapse Graphic International and MAN Roland, the contest used the SIR Heatset Web Offset Training Simulator, a virtual press, to present problem solving exercises. The competition took place during the Web Offset Association's annual conference. Negotiating traffic jams and finding parking spots will likely became much more enjoyable pursuits for one Metropolitan Fine Printers client. As the winner of the Vancouver-based printer's Segway contest, Laura Rioux of Rethink Communications is now the