Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes Acquiring Print Inc.
July 28, 2006

STAMFORD, CT—Pitney Bowes has signed a definitive agreement to acquire 100 percent of the stock of Print Inc. for approximately $47 million, net of cash and debt. Print Inc. provides bundled offerings of printer supplies, service and equipment to manage document production.The Print Inc. operations will be integrated into a wholly owned subsidiary of the…

February 1, 2006

Raising the Bar for Print Buying As adoption of digital printing has spread and evolved in the marketplace, it has become a catalyst for changes that extend beyond the way ink (toner) is put on paper. What people buy has been impacted by the short run, on-demand and variable data printing capabilities enabled by the technology. How people buy is also changing as digital printing provides impetus for the development of Web-to-print solutions. The printing industry saw its share of dotcom startups promising to revolutionize the way business is done, but the concept gained limited traction. Digital printing was one area where e-commerce/e-procurement did

June 1, 2005

Jay Pontiac-Buick—Dealership Service Offers [The Business Objective] Jay Pontiac-Buick is an automobile dealership located on the Bedford AutoMile in Bedford, OH. They have been serving the community for more than 45 years. Ron Richnavsky, service manager at Jay Pontiac-Buick, considers himself very aggressive in the promotion of his business. For years he had been investing in direct marketing and personalized mailing activities with a specific vendor. His vendor spoke about personalization, but failed to deliver any but the most basic levels of direct marketing activity. Prompt Recovery is a variable data and one-to-one marketing firm—specializing in design, printing, data management and consulting services—that has served the automotive

May 1, 2005

Huntington College Brochure Builder The Business Objective Huntington College (www.huntington.edu) is a small, Christian, liberal arts college with an enrollment of 1,000 in northern Indiana. Like many small colleges, it depends on strong recruiting tools to keep its dorms and classrooms full. But the marketing of higher education had become repetitious, dominated by a one-way flow of generic documents. Huntington College needed an alternative way to effectively reach the kind of prospects they wanted on their campus; they needed to understand their dreams and aspirations and reach out to them using this personal information. So Huntington turned to the Internet. The overall goal was

Postal Reform Under Review
February 1, 2003

WASHINGTON, DC—The Bush administration has created a nine person, presidential postal commission to consider reforms in the nation's postal system. The announcement of the commission's formation brought nods of approval by both the members of the Mailing Industry CEO Council and the Printing Industries of America (PIA), as well as others in the printing and publishing world. "The health of the U.S. printing industry is tied directly to the health of a nationwide mail delivery system. We look forward to providing whatever assistance we can to the commission," notes Ben Cooper, PIA's executive vice president for public policy. The broad issue of postal reform was ranked by