National Graphics

National Graphics Lenticular In-Mold Patent Prevails in Patent Office
October 2, 2014

National Graphics’ Patent (6,635,196 - Molded Articles Having a Surface Bearing a Lenticular Image) survived an Inter Partes Review (IPR) brought by Dynamic Drinkware of Oshkosh, WI, IPR2013-00131. The review of the Patent was initiated after National Graphics (NGI) started an infringement lawsuit (NGI v Brax, et all) asserting that Dynanic Drinkware was among four companies infringing at least one of NGI’s patents.

Printer News
October 1, 2014

Commercial printer company and personnel news from Printing Impressions’ October 2014 edition, including Printing Industries Alliance, Hopkins Printing, Bookmasters, National Graphics (NGI), Dynamic Drinkware, Intelligencer and WebbMason.

DC Entertainment, National Graphics Teams Up for first Hi-def, 3-D Motion Covers
September 4, 2013

DC Entertainment has joined forces with National Graphics, to produce the very first hi-definition, full-wrap, lenticular comic book cover. All 53 titles in DC Comics’ September “Villains Month” event will feature 3-D Motion covers. The entire back cover ad will also be in spectacular hi-def 3-D. It’s the first time this new, patented, ultra-thin lens technology has been used for a publication of any kind.

National Graphics Vows to Defend Lenticular Patents
November 16, 2012

BROOKFIELD, WI—After recently completing almost four years of litigation over its intellectual property ownership, National Graphics (NGI) says it is taking steps to enforce its lenticular printing patents.

National Graphics Seeks to Enforce Its Lenticular Printing Patents
November 13, 2012

National Graphics was re-affirmed as the owner of over 20 patents in lenticular printing and related fields after winning a 12-member jury trial. “Our intention is to remind the industry of the existence of our intellectual property, and to license those companies that may potentially be infringing,” said Donald Krause, owner.

The 2007 Printing Impressions 400
December 1, 2007

The 2012 Printing Impressions 400 list of the largest printing companies in the United States and Canada as ranked by annual sales.

ACROSS the nation
May 1, 2007

ARIZONA PHOENIX—Panoramic Press, a 50-year-old firm specializing in high-end commercial printing, has added a five-color Mitsubishi Diamond 1000LS press with in-line coater. COLORADO DENVER—Two Kodak Trendsetter News 100 platesetters and workflow systems have a new home at the Denver Newspaper Agency for its commercial division to print commercial products, as well as the New York Times. DELAWARE DOVER—Independent Newspapers has incorporated an unusual configuration into its new five-high KBA Colora web press. The configuration combines the productivity of a double-width 4/2 press with the flexibility of a single-width press, resulting in runs with fewer webs and fewer operators. HAWAII WAILUKU—The Ogden Newspapers purchased a Trendsetter News 70 platesetter and Prinergy EVO

Someone’s Looking Out For Fakes — Cagle
June 1, 2006

BITS AND PIECES Someone’s Looking Out For Fakes A recent edition of Bits & Pieces chronicled the latest printing technologies that have made counterfeiting U.S. money nearly impossible for anyone but the most sophisticated of thieves. But even with the bevy of bells and whistles meshed in as security features, I wondered just how many people—particularly minimum wagers in the retail sector—would be capable (or care enough) to root out any funny money trying to be passed off as genuine. Well, it’s time to put that cynicism to rest. A short while back, while lunching at one of Philly’s greasy spoons, I handed the