McCain Bindery Systems

Saddle Stitchers — A Staple of Fine Finishing
May 1, 2004

BY ERIK CAGLE Senior Editor Pity the poor saddle stitcher. It gets no love, no recognition for a job well done. Bindery operators want the stitcher to take care of business, and they certainly don't want to intervene in its appointed rounds. When it comes to their stitchers, notes Darcy Maeda, public relations coordinator for Duplo USA, printers seek the ultimate in automation, in every aspect of the design. "They want the machine's stitcher heads, back jogger, side guides, stitch stopper, fold stopper, size adjustments, fold roller gap and conveyance roller position to adjust automatically," she says. "Automation of this degree

Saddle Stitching Machines — Newest Offerings
January 1, 2003

New technology abounds in today's saddle stitchers, making them faster and easier to use. Here is a look at what manufacturers are now offering: The Heidelberg USA Stitchmaster ST 400 is designed to ensure maximum production flexibility. The ST 400 offers an output of up to 14,000 cph and is able to handle up to an A3-oversize format. Features include a color display with a touchscreen and touch-sensitive keyboard, missing stitch detection and automatic format presetting. Efficient controls allow for reliable product and quality monitoring. Circle No. 411 on Reader Service Card The Standard Horizon StitchLiner, from Standard Finishing, consists of the SpeedVAC collator,

Saddle Stitchers/Bookletmakers — The Finish Line
January 1, 2002

BY CAROLINE MILLER In the world of saddle stitchers and bookletmakers, machinery is king. "The emphasis is on the equipment," reports Ron Bowman, vice president of sales and marketing for Rosback. Ease-of-use, automation, reliability, flexibility, versatility and productivity are just a few of the advances touted by saddle stitcher and bookletmaker manufacturers these days. Many of these innovations have come as a result of the growing industry trend of putting relatively unskilled employees in the bindery, while still demanding that the products they produce be as perfect as possible, reveals Bowman. Rosback offers the Setmaster Stitch/Fold and Trim bookletmaker, an in-line or off-line unit