DALiM Software

Dalim's US DUO 2014 User Group Meeting Highlights Flexibility, Diversity of Cross-Media Applications
May 13, 2014

Dalim Software's annual 2014 US DUO Conference, held last month at the Westin Georgetown in Washington, DC, attracted graphic arts professionals, brands, retailers, institutions and their respective marketing and communication supply chains. The event also marked the appointment of Marcus Spiegler, preflight operations manager, AAAS, as president of DUO, and Chad Gray, senior developer and workflow specialist at Carey Color, as vice president of US DUO.

DALIM SOFTWARE Introduces Newest ES Platform
September 4, 2013

A new version of DALIM SOFTWARE's ES marketing media production automation platform will be introduced at PRINT 13. The platform supports all types of media formats, seamlessly integrating with MIS and ERP, while providing versatile collaboration features for all partners in the print, packaging, publishing or media supply chain.

DALIM SOFTWARE Rolls Out New Software at PRINT 13
August 22, 2013

At PRINT 13, DALIM SOFTWARE will release a number of major version updates of its workflow automation software TWIST, its customer-facing, Web-based production management solution, ES, and its soft proofing application DIALOGUE Engine.

Dalim Highlights ES 3 and DVL Dynamic E-Books at GRAPH EXPO
September 27, 2012

Dalim Software will highlight the latest release of its customer-facing online production management, ES (Enterprise Solution) at GRAPH EXPO 2012. Visitors can see firsthand ES 3's business and production management tools, including a redesigned user interface, making it easier to access, manage, control, organize, and sort projects and files.

GRAPH EXPO Pre-Show Webinar on Award Winning MUST SEE ‘EMS
September 7, 2012

GRAPH EXPO will be offering a free live webinar on September 18, 2012. Sponsored by EFI and GRAPH EXPO, with presenter Hal Hinderliter, coordinator for the MUST SEE 'EMS program, the webinar will give prospective GRAPH EXPO attendees an opportunity to learn more about the 'must see' technologies, their implications for the graphic communications industry and possible applications.