ACROSS the nation
January 1, 2005

arizona PHOENIX—Harte Bindery & Mailing recently added a TD 66 Stahlfolder with continuous feed and a Stahl digital folder. The new postpress systems are being used to finish brochures and other general commercial materials. Since the installation, capacity at Harte Bindery has doubled. california IRVINE—Mini-Mailers has changed its name to MMi. It has also launched its Digital Color Direct Mail department. Using Web-to-print technology, MMi will offer integrated services from design to mailing in one process. MMi began as a one-man operation in 1986. It now employs 150 at two locations. LOS ANGELES—Cenveo Anderson Lithograph has purchased a six-unit Mitsubishi Diamond 16 MAX commercial

Printing Impressions 400 -- 1- 50
December 1, 2004

(Editor's Note: Company rankings for the current and previous years are based on figures reported in 2004. Therefore, companies that revised their 2003 revenues may have changed their 2003 ranking as compared with the ranking that appeared in last year's Printing Impressions 400. Similarly, the percentage change in sales is calculated on the most recent information provided.) 1 ('03: 2) RR Donnelley, Chicago, IL Total Sales (Millions): $8,204.50 Previous Year's Sales (Millions): $4,754.94 Change (%): +73 Principal Officer: Mark A. Angelson Employees: 44,000 Primary Specialties: SPEC 26%; CAT/PUB 23%; BF 10%; COM 9%; BKS 8% Web Offset Press Units: N/A Sheetfed Press

2005 Market outlook year in review -- Cheers to 2004
December 1, 2004

by chris bauer Managing Editor Merger and acquisition activity. Monster trade shows. New faces in high places. The luck of the draw. It all adds up to just another year in the commercial printing industry. Let's take a look back at how the year 2004 played out, and who made headlines during the past 12 months. The year started out on shaky ground for the industry, with rumors that Heidelberg planned to sell off its web systems business and digital printing division, as well as reduce its worldwide work force by up to 1,000 employees. Eventually, the whispers became a reality as the other players in these

2005 CATALOG PRINTING Outlook -- Still Making the Sale
December 1, 2004

BY MARK SMITH Technology Editor Catalogs and publications typically are linked operationally and managerially, at least to some degree, within major printing organizations. This is reflected in the high degree of crossover among the Printing Impressions Top 10 Printers rankings for the mag/cat or pub/cat categories, as some call them. The markets these printers serve also share a common outlook in that change is the operative word for catalogs, as well. Online shopping continues to be the dominant market force reshaping the interest in and use of printed catalogs. Top 10 Catalog Printers  CompanySegmentSales(millions)TotalSales(millions) 1*RR DonnelleyChicago$1,887$8,204 2Quad/GraphicsSussex, WI$1,040$2,000 3Quebecor WorldMontreal$1,024$6,400 4Arandell Corp.Menomonee Falls, WI$224$244 5Banta Corp.Menasha, WI$156$1,418 6Perry Judd'sWaterloo, WI$98$297 7CenveoEnglewood, CO$86$1,728 8Brown PrintingWaseca, MN$80$400 9Spencer PressWells, ME$75$83 10Consolidated

2005 Book Market Outlook -- El-hi Fuels Some Optimism
December 1, 2004

By Erik Cagle Senior Editor The book printing industry in America cannot live on Harry Potter's whimsy and Oprah Winfrey's blessings to survive in an environment that's losing share to overseas competition. Hit titles such as the J.K. Rowling line of Potter tomes, and the popularity heft that the afternoon talk show queen can put behind a new or backlisted work, can create a stir in both the publishing and printing industries. What the leading book manufacturers from our Printing Impressions 400 are looking for is consistency from the educational market. Top 10 Book Printers  CompanySegmentSales(millions)TotalSales(millions) 1Quebecor WorldMontreal$704$6,400 2RR DonnelleyChicago$656$8,204 3Banta

2004 Executive Compensation -- Hitting the Jackpot
December 1, 2004

These are the industry's high rollers—printing's version of the The Forbes 400 list of wealthiest people. Printing Impressions' 15th annual executive compensation report shows what the top industry execs take home, by highlighting the industry's top money earners at publicly held printing companies. Mark Angelson, CEO of Chicago-based RR Donnelley, ranks first in annual salary for this year's list, earning more than $3 million. This is the second consecutive year that a RR Donnelley exec has topped our list. The rankings indicate previous fiscal year salaries, most recent fiscal year wages and the percentage change in compensation from the two fiscal years that are

PI 400 -- The Who's Who in Printing for 2004
December 1, 2004

Now in its 21st year, the Printing Impressions 400 (in this special pull-out section) provides the industry's most comprehensive ranking of the leading printing companies in the United States and Canada. The listings include company name and headquarters location; parent company, if applicable; current and previous year's rankings; most recent and previous year's fiscal sales; percentage change; primary specialties; principal officer(s); and number of employees, manufacturing plants and total press units. Financial information for the PI 400 rankings was provided by privately held firms voluntarily. We also did not allow companies that were close to completing a fiscal year to provide projected/estimated sales

EDITOR'S notebook
December 1, 2004

Future of Print Extends Beyond PI 400 Printers Although this special issue features our annual ranking of the 400 largest printing companies in the United States and Canada based on annual sales, the future of print itself is a topic that's just as important to the quick printer located in Anytown USA as it is to the establishments that made the Printing Impressions 400 list. Printers of all sizes must unite to support various initiatives that help promote our industry. One still-emerging effort is The Print Council, a business development initiative dedicated to promoting the greater use of print media through education, awareness, market

November 1, 2004

The Soderstrom Society of the National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL) has named Jim Hyder, president and CEO of Fetter Printing, Louisville, KY, and former NAPL chairman, recipient of the 44th annual Walter E. Soderstrom Award. Allen Conway, executive vice president for the resale custom division of Cenveo Inc., has been appointed to the position of president of the Cenveo resale segment doing business as Quality Park. In addition, Bob Hart, current president of the resale segment, has accepted a position as special assistant to the chairman. The Worldwide Printing Thermographers Association (WPT) has announced the winners of its 7th annual Excellence in Thermography Contest—the

Cenveo Bolsters San Fran Platform
October 1, 2004

ENGLEWOOD, CO—Cenveo, the company formerly known as Mail-Well, has augmented its West Coast capabilities with the acquisition of San Francisco-based Waller Press. The addition of Waller Press complements fellow Golden Gate company Cenveo Anderson Lithograph. "The San Francisco Bay area is one of the largest markets for advertising and graphic arts," notes Paul Reilly, chairman, president and CEO of Cenveo. "The Waller acquisition will allow Cenveo to provide both the local and nationwide markets with a unique set of services from the company's web and perfector presses, as well as from its large in-house bindery." The deal marks the second major acquisition for Cenveo this summer.