Paul V. Reilly

Paul V. Reilly
When It’s Good, It’s Quite Good

It’s refreshing to be able to talk about M&As in the context of market expansion after a prolonged spell in contraction mode. How long the good times will stay good, no one can predict. But, it’s easier to foresee success for owners who understand that they will never have a better moment than the present one to seize the M&A opportunities that finally have come their way.

LOI: The Letter and the Spirit

When a buyer and a seller reach the letter of intent (LOI) stage, they'll have agreed that the potential fit looks good and that due diligence—the research phase that structures and certifies the transaction—can begin. In this post, we'll review the steps the seller should take once both parties have signed the LOI.

Growth by Acquisition: It Works Both Ways

For a long time now, the U.S. Army has been recruiting volunteers with the slogan, "Army Strong." When we speak of M&As in the printing and packaging industry, the thinking behind "Army Strong" should remind us that growth by acquisition can be a strategy for sellers, as well as for buyers.

Planning and Executing a Successful M&A

In this new editorial series for Printing Impressions, New Direction Partners will offer guidance in a business strategy that we believe every printer needs to be thoroughly acquainted with: the planning and execution of successful mergers and acquisitions. It's a complex subject and, in columns and blogs to come, we'll detail many of the actions that take place when two printing companies decide to come together as a whole that's greater than the sum of the parts.