Mike Jacoutot

Mike Jacoutot

With 194 percent year over year growth and a 90 Net Promoter Score, Butler Street has established itself as one of the leading consulting, training and research firms to the middle market. Before founding Butler Street, Mike Jacoutot spent the previous nine years as CEO of a national health care staffing company and most recently, a revenue cycle company. Jacoutot brings a strong combination of Lean Six Sigma process skills together with 34 years of sales and marketing experience. 

Jacoutot is also the author of “Become the Only Choice.” Now in its third printing, the book emphasizes a combination of consultative selling and process management techniques to enable salespeople to sell the way clients buy.

A four-time All-American collegiate wrestler, Jacoutot led The College of New Jersey wrestling team to two national championships. He culminated his senior year by winning the NCAA Division III Championship after three consecutive second place finishes. In March 2015, Jacoutot was inducted into the National Wrestling Coaches Hall of Fame. In October 2013, he was also inducted into The College of New Jersey Athletic Hall of Fame along with his 1981 NCAA Division III Championship Team. He holds a B.A. in Management.

Early Warning Signs to Avoid a Devastating Loss

In a 15-minute meeting, Bill’s life changed dramatically. Bill had just lost his largest account, Lassiter Logistics, resulting in a $1.5 million loss in revenue to the company and $90k in commissions to Bill. “How did this happen?” he asked himself repeatedly in a state of disbelief. “They loved me!” Did they?

Why Companies Make a Big Mistake in Not Training Their Sales Force

Let’s face it, a company is only as good as the people who represent it. That is a fact. It’s people who build the website, develop the process and provide the customer service. Some companies only hire experienced salespeople so they don’t have to invest in training. That’s a big mistake and here’s why.

4 Tips to Help Businesses Stay Successful

Assuming your business strategy is sound, there are four keys a great coach or business leader must have in place to ensure they not only get to the top, but they stay on top. Mike Jacoutot of Butler Street shows you how.

Another Example of Bad Sales Training

No sales rep who is sincerely interested in advancing their customer relationships should want their first personal interaction with a potential customer to start with a highly-irritated prospect. If you want to get positive responses to your voicemails and emails, you have to work at it. Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. Here are a couple of ways to help you get your voicemail returned.

Six Keys to Turn a Sales Manager into a Great Sales Coach

My oldest brother Bill, is one of the most successful coaches in New York state history. I have often said if I were as successful at my craft as Bill was at his, I would have been on the cover of Fortune Magazine. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad coaches out there giving bad advice to up-and-coming salespeople. What follows are six keys that you can refer to for effective sales coaching.

The Only Voice that Matters

Inevitably, customer needs and wants change over time and as an organization, this requires your company to “pivot,” and pivot correctly. How do you know how to pivot correctly? It starts with a better understanding of your customer through a Voice of the Customer (VOC) Survey.

The One Thing We Should Stop Stealing

There is one discipline that you should adopt and stick with above all else if you truly want to be successful. It is the foundation to successful athletic teams, as well as a disciplined focus in the military.

How to Train and Retain Your Millennial Workforce in 2017

As of 2015, the millennials are the largest segment of the workforce. They learn differently, work differently and think differently than previous generations. And as Generation Z begins to enter the workforce, many sales organizations will have four generations working side by side. Is your company well positioned to handle the needs of your Millennial sales representatives?

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

Socially accepted excuses are the enemy of personal accountability and can drag down an office, a team or a company. So, how do we ensure socially accepted excuses do not weave their way into the fabric of the company? By building a foundation we refer to in our training as The Four Cornerstones of Success.

The Coach, Coach, Change Methodology

Picture this if you will ... an hour glass with green sand on your desk that represents time and money. YOUR time and YOUR money. You see, we all get the same 525,600 minutes in a year, and as a leader, we must invest that time wisely. We must invest that time where we will get a return on investment.

Winners of the Best of Print & Digital Award Share Why It Is Important

Butler Street in conjunction with NAPCO Media, Printing Impressions, and Print+Promo, announced its 2017 Best of Print & Digital Award Winners. Winning companies were selected based on their Net Promoter Score (NPS) — which has been widely regarded as the most accurate leading indicator of client loyalty and future revenue. Why is this survey so important?