Mark M. Fallon

Mark M. Fallon

Mark M. Fallon is president and CEO of The Berkshire Company, a consulting firm specializing in mail and document processing strategies. The company develops customized solutions integrating proven management concepts with emerging technologies to achieve total process management. He offers a vision of the document that integrates technology, data quality, process integrity, and electronic delivery. His successes are based upon using leadership to implement innovative solutions in the document process. You can contact Mark at

Moving on to New Challenges

Growth – personal and professional – requires change and movement. Smart managers and smart companies recognize this need and act.

Selecting the Right Inserter

Since the invention of the mechanical inserter, some principles remain true. Here’s what you need to know when purchasing an inserter.

Choose Wisely

Mark Fallon shares a valuable piece of advice and why it’s important to consider how you reflect on the past.

It Must Be True

Mark Fallon addresses the importance of having well-documented policies and standards within a priting and mailing organization.

Ignore the Experts and Pay the Price

Physical mail is an essential in the digital marketplace. Customers should listen to print and mail experts before their next campaign.

Why Everyone Needs Sales Training

Last year, I met with my sales coach, read books, and attended a webinar. I’ll do the same thing this year. And so should you.

Boldness is Risky, Fear is Riskier

My favorite clients take bold actions. What do these clients understand? That you must risk failure to achieve success.

Build a Better Business Case

Before undertaking a major expense, a leader needs to get approval, an effective technique is to draft a clear business case.