Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen serves as the chief marketing officer for Butler Street. Prior to joining Butler Street, Allen served seven years as VP, marketing and product management for Standard Register from 2009 to 2016, where he led the effort to transform the portfolio and go to market processes for both commercial and healthcare business units. Under his leadership, the company launched new solutions and marketing programs delivering over $100 Million in new revenue over the course of his tenure with the company.

As a recognized B2B marketing expert, Allen has presented on topics such as product management, content marketing and demand generation at conferences, including Content Marketing World, ITEX, On Demand, and Graph Expo.

Does Your Company Suffer from Omphaloskepsis?

Companies who are omphaloskeptic (i.e. inwardly focused) tend to be much less successful than those who are highly attuned to the needs of their customers and may miss market opportunities because they don’t see patterns in customer behavior.

A Harrowing Nightmare: Your Biggest Customer Simply Disappears

Not all satisfied customers are loyal. In fact, according to Bain and Company, 60% or more of customers who disappear, score themselves as satisfied or very satisfied just prior to switching suppliers! The good news is that you have a choice.

Stop Wasting Money on Marketing

You are probably wasting the money you are spending on marketing. You already suspect this, but I’m here to tell you why you are right.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Measure Customer Loyalty

In our experience, companies that do generally achieve higher growth, enjoy more profitable business, and have a lower risk of account defection. When we ask companies that don’t measure loyalty whether or not their customers are at risk, invariably the answer falls into one of these three categories.

How to Turn an Angry Customer into a 'Coachable Moment'

Taking the step to measure customer loyalty can be uncomfortable. It will probably result in some "Coachable Moments" for you and your team. But in the end — your customers will respond, your business will grow, and you will improve your relationships with the most important assets you have.

How Marketing Fails the Sales Team

Although the technologies and tools available to the B2B Marketer have improved significantly over the past decade, the fundamental responsibilities of the role have not. Where a direct sales channel is in place, marketers are responsible for three functions: Creating the strategic position of the business, enabling the sales organization, and generating demand.

Do YOU Have Vision?

The question of "Do You Have Vision? is something we ask ourselves every Monday morning as we are reviewing our sales pipeline. We bring up the list of deals that are in play, and we challenge each other. We pick at each account, each decision maker, each culture, each opportunity. We do this because we fanatically protect our value statements.

What's Your Social Selling Index? (And Why it Matters)

Social Selling is to the sales profession what Content Marketing is to the marketing profession. It’s the one subject that sales experts are discussing in professional circles, both online and in sales meetings. Social Selling is a concept that develops the sales representatives' social networks.

Four Reasons Why Market Focus Matters

There is power in market focus, although many companies will fail to grow even when market conditions point to a new opportunity.