Jeannie Bastos

Jeannie Bastos

Jeannie Bastos is the VP of operations at Butler Street.

The Competition is Coming for YOU

By applying these key sales lessons you will walk away with the exclusive orders – at higher rates than were in place previously.

You're About to Be the Third Column of the RFP Evaluation

A Request for Proposal (RFP) has landed at your desk and it’s a huge opportunity for your company. You’ve already calculated the commission you could earn if you win this deal and started to list out in your mind how you are going to spend it.

Who Are You Thankful for at Work?

If you could do one thing that could motivate those around you and drive success more than anything else, and all that would be necessary is to remember to do it each day, would you? It doesn’t cost anything. It only reaps rewards. It is something anyone can learn, and everyone will benefit.

Secrets Your Sales Reps are Hiding that are Killing Your Business

It's common that when a salesperson wins a deal, it is because he/she built strong relationships, understood the current challenges, and conveyed how their product or solution would solve those challenges. But, when a deal is lost, it was because "The price is too high" or "We don’t have XYZ."

Don't Plan Your Client Meeting on the Exit Ramp

You’ve finally gotten a meeting with the Key Decision Maker at a large client or prospect. You’ve picked up your colleague at the airport and when you get to the exit ramp, the conversation goes like this: "Ok, we’re getting close, now what are you going to say and what am I going to say?" Has that happened to you?