James A. Russell

James A. Russell
Consider Your COO as a Successor

Normal times will return after COVID-19 and, when they do, succession planning will be as urgent to address as it ever was.

State of the State of M&A

Albert J. Reijmer and James A. Russell of New Direction Partners take a look at the state of M&A activity in 2015.

An 'Annual Report' for Print Industry M&As

As 2014 winds down, it's satisfying to report that the year has been a mostly good one for mergers and acquisitions in the printing and packaging industry. Looking back, we can see that a normal level of M&A activity has returned to the industry and that—assuming we get no more shocks from the general economy—opportunities for dealmaking will carry over into the year ahead.

Why Buyers and Sellers Must Be Confidential Agents

Keeping things to yourself in an M&A transaction may seem the most natural and commonsense behavior in the world—a rule that literally goes without saying. But, no matter how seriously we take confidentiality, it’s a rule that’s prone to being broken in the stress and distraction of transferring ownership of one company to another. When this happens, the consequences can be messy.