Heather Nortz

Heather Nortz

Heather Nortz is the Sustainability Programs Coordinator for PRINTING United Alliance. Her primary responsibilities consist of running both the Sustainable Business Recognition and Safety Recognition Award Programs. She also contributes to industry specific research on matters of sustainability trends and environmental safety and health regulations. She regularly publishes articles and blog posts on these topics and consistently updates the PRINTING United Alliance website with advocacy related content. Nortz recently graduated from George Mason University with her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and a concentration in Human and Ecosystems Response to Climate Change.

Face Mask Requirements and Recommendations by State

How can we re-enter society and begin building the economy back up in a safe way without access to a COVID-19 vaccine? The common answers we have heard from State and Local officials are that of social distancing, sanitation plans, physical barriers, and face mask requirements.

Setting Up Your Home Office

Working from home may be new to you. Remaining safe from the virus is the goal, safety from another perspective is also important.

Stay at Home Order Expiration Dates

The expiration dates for “Shelter in Place” or “Stay at Home” orders during COVID-19 vary state-to-state. Here are the current orders.

Avoiding OSHA and Injuries

SGIA’s Safety Recognition Program helps enhance Safety and Health Program and reduce risk for injuries and compliance violations.