Greg Cholmondeley

Greg Cholmondeley

Greg Cholmondeley is president of Cholmonco Inc. Cholmonco is a technology marketing consulting company that researches, analyzes and documents best practices and innovative solutions. Cholmondeley is especially interested in how industry leaders efficiently get work through digital printing and marketing services operations. He has also written two fictional novels. The first is titled “Nakiwulo and the Circle of Shiva” and the second is called “Princess.” You can learn more about his consulting practice and read more of his blogs at You can discover his books at

How Does Worth Higgins Get Hundreds of Jobs a Day with W2P?

I recently interviewed a commercial printer with over 70 active online portals servicing tens of thousands of end users, delivering hundreds of jobs per day, and driving 65% of their digital business. Brian Losch, VP of sales, shared some of what they learned on the way.

Romax Marketing Adds Apps to Printing Services

Lots of companies are looking for new applications, new revenue streams, and new ways to differentiate themselves. Romax Marketing out of London, believes that it is on to one. I recently interviewed Wes Dowding, operations and technology director, about where Romax stands, and where it is going.

The Five Killer Mistakes Made Selling to Healthcare Prospects

Change and competition drive opportunities and everyone knows how much the healthcare and health insurance markets are changing. They are going through period of consumerization and becoming more retail/consumer-focused like other industries. Many large and small print and marketing services providers see this and are approaching the industry with a variety of solutions, yet they often fail. Here are five reasons why.

Barksdale Bets It All on Changing Its Production Processes

Lots of companies are willing to tweak a process step or two to streamline their production workflows a bit; but who is willing to rip out existing equipment and processes and suspend business for three months to fundamentally change how they do business? Barksdale Portraits balanced the potential of leapfrogging ahead of the competition by three years to the risk of losing the company within a year and made the right call.

Let Me Tell You a Story...

Somehow, we usually lean in and listen a little more eagerly when we hear the phrase, "Let me tell you a story…" I suppose it's just human nature, but the promise of a good story captures our attention and, if told well, emotionally connects with us and sticks in our minds. This isn't an epiphany or a contentious concept—we all know it to be true; but, can this technique be used in the sales process?

When Personalized Marketing Fails

Most generic direct marketing is so irrelevant that we rarely even notice it doesn’t apply to us before throwing it in the trash.

Getting Print and Marketing Services Sales Reps to Fly High

I recently had a conversation with Paul McGhee, co-founder and CEO of SharperAx, who shared some thought-provoking insights about selling in the print and marketing services market. He shared a factoid from a Forrester report claiming that 89 percent of people who buy technology services feel that sales reps waste their time.

How Are YOU Using the Cloud?

Please take this short survey about your use of Cloud-based serives, and the results will be posted in a future blog.

How NOT to Sell to Not-for-Profits

Not-for-profits represent a huge market segment with 1.5 million non-profit organizations representing $1.65 trillion in the U.S. alone. Ted Raymond, principal at Allegra Marketing and Print, is an expert at selling to this market with considerable success. When I asked him what he sees as the biggest mistake print and marketing services providers make when trying to sell to this market, he didn’t hesitate for a second.