Gareth Ward

Gareth Ward
Packaging is the Next Frontier for Digital Technologies

Modern marketing means brand extensions, on pack promotions, packaging to tie in with events—all designed to increase sales and enhance relationships with consumers. This provides opportunities to printers that can meet these demands. To date, digital printing has left packaging alone while expanding in publication printing.

Inkjet Takes Center Stage

There's no question that inkjet was the hot ticket at Ipex, and thus is the primary technology focus of this article. There was a huge collective sigh of relief when visitors from all corners of the world began pouring into Birmingham, England, last month.

Something to Talk About

manroland took the brave step to show no presses at Ipex because, according to the official doctrine, it wanted to get closer to its customers.

Clouds Hang Over Ipex 2010

Those claiming that Ipex is an inkjet show will have good justification for the claim. Few though are ready to ship at the show.