Frank Costantino

Frank Costantino

Frank Costantino is a Managing Partner at Butler Street, a leading management consulting, training and research firm that focuses on client and talent development. Prior to joining Butler Street, Costantino accumulated over three decades of successful sales and executive leadership experience. His passion for sales discipline and process has driven practical solutions for sales organization development, revenue and operating profit growth.

Costantino has been recognized with numerous sales and sales leadership awards. He has also received top honors from his peers and direct reporting teams in VOA rankings, and has also served on the Advisory Board of Target Account Selling. He holds a B. S. in Business Management from NYIT.

Best Way to Align with Customer Expectations

In a recent Voice of the Customer survey, I asked my customer’s customer, “Are the objectives of the relationship being met?” The very quick response was, “absolutely.” Somewhat skeptical, my next question was, “How do you know?”

5 Keys to Being a Consistent Leader

As an Executive Sales Leader, do you recognize your role, have the tools and demonstrate the necessary behaviors to drive consistency across your organization? It isn’t difficult to be consistent; however, there are key ingredients that must be maintained to be successful.

6 'Fake News' Reasons Why You are Going to Win

Did you ever really sit down and review why you didn’t close a deal, win a contract, hit your forecast or achieve your annual sales target? I mean a truly introspective look at what you “thought” would happen versus what “actually” happened. I realize that we all admit that we learn from our mistakes, but do we really change our behaviors to expect different outcomes?

Six Important Steps to Be Client Ready

What does 'client ready' mean? We can all come up with our own definition of 'client ready.' Key words: polished; well thought out; proofed and prepped; your finest work. I think you get the point. So, what does it take to be client ready? Follow these six important steps.

How Losing Can Actually Be Winning

While wins are certainly an important benchmark to track, let’s think more about the opposite metric — the time it takes to Lose.

Best Tools to Improve Your Ability to Sell

In Strategic Selling, defect or failure results not from what you know, but about what you don’t know. The Titanic was not sunk by what they knew or could see. It was sunk by what they didn’t know or couldn’t see. So, it is of critical importance that we build diagnostic tools or “models” to help us discover what we don’t know about an opportunity or a client relationship.

The Importance of Self-Inspection

All too often, I see salespeople waiting for someone else to check, analyze, review or inspect their work. What’s this all about? Do you really need someone else to watch over you to inform you that your pipeline is more like a pipe dream?

Why Strategic Partnerships Matter

Earlier this year, my partners and I were asked to lead a panel discussion on this topic for an audience of 120 C-level executives. Our research, which includes direct client interactions, Voice of the Customer and Net Promoter Score surveys all indicate that INNOVATION is the #1 desire of end-user customers.

Increasing Sales Velocity

Is activity the real key performance indicator driving your sales teams to success? Let’s break it down. Here is the basic equation you should use to measure your pipeline effectiveness...

Come Out of the Cold

My meeting today is with Joe Minor. I don’t know Joe, except for the fact that he has elevated himself to chairman of an organization.

NPS Leaders Increase Growth Rates

One common question that I'm asked is ... "how does new revenue growth result from achieving high NPS scores?" The fact is that Net Promoter leaders on average grew at more than twice the rate of their competitors.

Increasing Client Retention

"A 5% increase in client retention can increase a company’s profitability by 25-95%." This may sound liked a bold statement, but let’s breakdown why committing to Net Promoter Surveys drive the client retention process.

What It Means to Be 'Best of'

Achieving a Best of Print and Digital Award provides the winners with some bragging rights and real credibility because the award is based upon customer feedback answering one simple question: "What is the likelihood that you would recommend XXX Company to a friend or colleague?" Previous winners have leveraged the award to boost their credibility with new prospects and existing customers to increase sales. Earning "best of" also helped them improve employee morale, talent acquisition and employee retention.

NPS and Cross-Selling

Attracting new customers will cost your company 5x more than keeping an existing customer, so it's important to take advantage of gaining share of wallet with your existing customers. At Butler Street, we use and teach Key Account Management to add focus and process to identifying growth opportunities and advancing relationships.

A Case for Loyalty

Companies and marketing organizations frequently conduct Customer Satisfaction Surveys to gain data on relationships to determine their customers’ purchase decisions. Unfortunately, the results gathered from these surveys are, in reality, NOT a clear indicator of customer relationships or customer intentions.