Dan Marx

Dan Marx
Dan Marx’s extensive knowledge of the graphic communications industry results from nearly three decades working closely with business owners, equipment and materials developers, and thought leaders. With a focus on new technologies and their related opportunities, he has been published in industry publications worldwide, presented at industry events across segments, and served as an enthusiastic ambassador for new processes and business opportunities. He is available to write, speak, interview, host, moderate, or represent.
Jim Raffel Discusses Paperless-Production for the Graphics Segment

In today's episode of the Impressions Xchange podcast, Jim Raffel of ColorCasters discusses how online portals and automated production systems are changing the game for graphics producers. He provides insight into the advantages of these systems, development choices, expectations for implementation, and quality concerns.

Brand Loyalty: OEMs and Otherwise

As the wide-format inkjet segment has evolved, there have been plenty of examples of both strong and weak brand loyalty for OEMs.

Printer Discusses Production and Safety During the Crisis

Wide-Format business owner Chip Basse (Albert Basse Associates) provides an update on the current state of business, the markets and applications that are keeping it busy, and the steps it has taken to keep employees safe.

The Path to Full Digitization

While some lament the digitization of print, what it has brought is here to stay, whether we like it or not.