GE07: Sheetfed/Web Offset Presses — Windy City Wonders

Celebrating the sale of the six-color Speedmaster XL 105 show press are, from the left, James Martin, senior vice president, marketing, Heidelberg USA; Jim Dunn, president, Heidelberg USA; Russell S. Haraf, president, NOSCO; and Tom McTernan, Heidelberg USA regional manager.

Knepper Press and MAN Roland executives finalized the printer’s purchase of a five-color Rotoman web press and a 10-color Roland 700 HiPrint perfector. Clockwise, from bottom/left: Paul Pirkle, vice president of web operations, MAN Roland; McKay Mattingly, regional sales manager, MAN Roland; Dr. Markus Rall, member of the Executive Board, MAN Roland AG; Bill Knepper, co-owner, Knepper Press; Vincent Lapinski, CEO, MAN Roland; Ted Ford, co-owner, Knepper Press; and Al Muccari, district sales manager, MAN Roland.