Every Day Is a Creative Adventure with Cougar Paper—2014 Gold Ink Entry

Domtar's 100-lb. Cougar Cover, Smooth Finish, was used for the cover of Cougar LIVE. The designer used holographic magenta foil and Pillars of Light Holographic Clear Foil.

The inside front cover of Cougar LIVE features an inspirational quote from Oscar Wilde in purple lettering in holographic magenta foil - "To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all."

The inside cover also folds out revealing a crowd of people in vibrant colors.

For the water and mountains featured here, raised spot silk screen UV was used.

In this "Happy" image of a girl swimming on a sunny day raised spot silk screen UV was used for the water.

This page from Cougar LIVE shows what is possible with Cougar Papers, with bold, vibrant, pop-off-the-page color that lets you be as bold as you would like.

This page of Cougar LIVE features diecut lift up circles (on the page with secret No. 10).